Astronaut at Home

Zoom through Kubrick’s lens

Kubrick uses videotelephony as a technological miracle that places viewer in the future and brings us closer to distant parts of universe. In Astronaut at Home we are participants in an event when space shrinks and expends at the same time.

Astronaut at Home

Astronaut at Home

The new version of the audio tour

Here is the audio file. Please use headphones if at all possible.

Astronaut at Home

Astronaut at Home


This is the score that will be performed by participants of the 4 days Astronaut in Me mindset. Each Training starts with a performance of this score (not longer than 30 min) and is followed by a guided talk by Marija & Jeff. The follow up talk deals with: stress management, space organisation and set yourself on a mission. 

Scene 1

(Composition: Zachor)

Welcome to Astronaut in me! 00:14:00

Today we will work against the gravity of this moment. 00:20:00

Please find the place where you can sit. 00:50:00

Pause: 00:10:00

We will begin with your body weight. 

You are sitting, pressing the seat down with your body weight, but you don’t feel gravity. 

Pause: 00:10:00

Recall a memory of that great force.

Pause: 00:03:00

Think of sledding from the top of a hill, walking on the surface of water or even an apple falling from a tree.

Pause: 00:10:00 

In order to bring up this memory … 

Please slowly bend your upper body slightly forward and think up. 

Feel the pressure in your feet … slowly push yourself up … 

Very slowly… let your arms hang down … and feel the weight of your body.

Once you are standing … lean slightly forward. 

Feel the weight of your body in your toes.

Play with the balance of your feet.

Allow yourself to lose your balance and fall forward.

With a step forward catch yourself and keep on walking by transferring the weight from one foot to the other. 

Observe the shifting of your weight, from right to left and keep walking.  5:08:00


Stop for a moment.

Feel the weight of your body in the soles of your feet. 

Relax your jaw, tongue, shoulders, ribs and fingers. 

Lower your breathing … relax your hips.

Pouse: 00:30:00

Maybe you are thinking of a heavy vote … 

Or a heavy snowfall … maybe a heavy metal … 

It might be that you are just a heavy thinker … 

Or perhaps you do not have a serious or a critical nature … 

Whatever the case … we need to feel the gravity of this moment together.  

Today we will take astronauts as an example that can bring us closer to this point. When they prepare for space travel, they go through Zero Gravity training and in this way simulate the experience of being in a body that does not experience the pull of gravity, that helps them imagine themselves in space. 

Scene 2

(Composition: 2 String Quartet Nr. 2-Tranquillo)

Inhale, let your chest grow … make yourself light and ready to move.

Walk around.  

Make sure you know the physical space you are in. 

Walk around … smell the air … stroke the walls … touch objects …

Please, find a place in the room where you can stand about a foot away from the wall facing it.

Take your time. 

It’s important that you feel good about standing here at this spot. 

Now … as you are standing a foot away and facing the wall … slowly lean forward until your forehead touches the wall … Take a deep breath in … Exhale slowly … And close your eyes …

Allow yourself to let go and Relax!!!!!!!!

Relax your shoulders … and arms … and let them hang freely.

When astronauts go out, in space, they get the chance to experience what life looks like without the strong physical attachment to the Earth. But before we get to that point, we need to have an idea of what space travel looks like. 

Allow the room to change its shape,

From square to sphere,

Let the space expand behind the walls,

Observe how it grows.

In what directions it goes. 

Now, bring your attention to your feet, knees, and hips.

Bring them together to the vertical position, aligned as a plank. 

And slowly disconnect your head from the wall.

When you feel ready … turn away from the wall … and open your eyes.  

With this experience you have a better idea of space travel.

Scene 3

(Composition: 2 String Quartet Nr. 2-Tranquillo)

To leave this space, walk as fast as possible, always moving forward, leaving behind the tunnel in the shape of your body. 

Feel the air around your skin and keep moving in a straight line.



Scene 4

(Composition: 9 Three Jewish Songs_ III. Death)

It takes only 8 minutes to get here where there is no air, where the temperature is -200 degrees, where there is no life, where there is no history, where there is perhaps nothing which is important. 

There is no rhythm in space. There is no force. Out here all is quiet. The only rhythm in space is the heartbeat of a traveler, your heartbeat. 

Since we are about to experience weightlessness in Earth-like conditions,

Choose a spot where you can get as close to the ground as possible. 

Pause: 00:10:00

Use this spot to become a stone.

Pause: 00:10:00

Become small, 

bring your knees to the floor, 

put the toes and knees together and let most of your body weight rest on the heels of your feet. Rest your forehead on the floor and close your eyes.

Inhale … Gather your breath up … Hold it … And exhale … Breath out … 

Allow yourself to let go and Relax!!!!!!!! 

And as you focus your awareness on the muscles on the top of your head … you begin to feel waves of relaxation…Flowing from the top of your head downwards along the front of your forehead … And into your eyebrows.  

Pause: 00:03:00

Let each part of your body fall into the right place … Keep on with breathing … Slowly and deeply … You will feel your arms … and shoulders going down … becoming heavier … and heavier … and heavier … With each exhalation … you are connecting more strongly and deeper with the ground … Your head is so heavy and almost goes through the ground. 

Pause: 00:03:00

Now, the connection with the ground is solid and nothing can move you any longer.

You are ready for the Zero Gravity training.

You are in water … very deep blue water … you are standing next to your stone … the strong connection to the ground is gone … neither you nor your stone are motionless. 

Put some force into your stone by touching it with your hand … Observe how it moves … In what direction it goes … Each time you put some force into your stone … The stone goes further and further away … Until it finally disappears.

Pause: 00:06:00

When you can’t see your stone any longer … start moving your fingers … than your toes … your shoulders … and slowly get back to the sitting position.

Pause: 00:06:00

When you are ready, open your eyes.    

Jump or walk around. 

Feel the connection. 21:13:00

For the coming week observe the astronaut in you.

Thank you!

Astronaut at Home

We have started…

Marija en Jeff are starting to collect stories about what people have experienced during the lockdown. How has the lockdown affected you, especially your relation to the space where you live? Do you have a story to tell us about that? Please e-mail us at

Astronaut at Home

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